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you wanted a hero tonight
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in You wanted a hero tonight, I'm not made of steel's LiveJournal:

Sunday, December 17th, 2006
December 17th, 2006
I know, I know, I'm sooo horrible, cause, well, I've deserted you.
But I'm still in the game, ya'll!!!
I've taken up quite a bit of P!ATDslash lately,
you can find it at my archive,
If you really wanna read what I've been up to!
But, I'm going to start a kind of opinion poll.

Either a oneshot you really liked,
or a chaptered fic that I've discontinued.
My entire archive is public,
go to the post that has the link of your pick,
and post a simple mesaage urging me to continue.

The story with the most votes will be declared a winner,
and I will post a continuing chapter on New Years Eve,
if not beforehand.

Please, if you're still mad at me,
say so,
I feel so bad for leaving you all!

[ ♥ ]
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Monday, July 17th, 2006
July 17th, 2006
Clocks Stopped (When You Came Back) [1/1]
Title ;; Clocks Stopped (When You Came Back)
Author ;; notmadeof_steel
Rating ;; PG-13
Pairing ;; Gerard || Frank
Summary ;; But, even with all the things I hate about you, I have to say that I love twice that amount of things about you. I love that you came back.
Author's note ;; Comments are teh shmex, I was in the middle of writing the third chapter to Alone In A Crowded Room when this popped up, so tell me how you like it!

These are all the things I hate about how and why you left meCollapse )
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Sunday, July 16th, 2006
July 16th, 2006
Alone In A Crowded Room [2/?]
Title ;; Alone In A Crowded Room || Spining On That Dizzy Air
Author ;; notmadeof_steel
Rating ;; PG, PG-13, MAYBE R
Pairing ;; Gerbert [Gerard & Bert] && Frank/Gerard
Summary ;; Bert's fuming for no good reason other than it feels great to have his insides burn, because then he can't feel hurt and sad when he brushes past Frank on his way out.
Author's note ;; I promised you guys I'd have it up tonight, except it's only been a few hours, not six. When I deliver, I deliver! :)

it's always been my thing, for better or worse

spinning on that dizzy air, I kissed his face, I kissed his hair.Collapse )
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July 16th, 2006
Alone In A Crowded Room [1/1?]
Title ;; Alone In A Crowded Room
Author ;; notmadeof_steel
Rating ;; PG, PG-13, MAYBE R
Pairing ;; Gerbert [Gerard & Bert] && Frank/Gerard
Summary ;; He looks a whole jumble of emotions that kills Bert inside, his heart dropping to the floor, rolling down the steps and out into the parking lot where hundreds of cars can roll over it until he can't feel anymore. Bert wants to shake Gerard and shout at him, stock
off to kill Frank, roll up into a ball and cry, and then kiss Gerard. It's tearing him in all directions, so he does the only thing he can;
he smiles and laughs.
Author's note ;; Hey, it's my first EVER slash, not to mention
my first Gerbert baby. So...be cruel and nice? Heheh. And I WISH I owned
these two... :)

Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?Collapse )
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Saturday, July 15th, 2006
July 15th, 2006
Title ;; Because You Can
Paiting ;; Frank Iero/OC
Rating ;; PG-13 to R
Summary ;; Ingrid Rivers is a witty, tragic nineteen year old who stays home to take care of her sick mother. She goes to college and works, but still finds time to go to the local Barnes & Nobles. Frank Iero--who just makes funny faces at his friends who work there--doesn't make the best first impression on Ingrid, and instantly regrets it; she has the vibe, the I know you're gonna wanna be friends with me vibe, except Frank wants more than friendship.
Author's Note ;; It's not mine, well, Frank isn't at least. Ingrid is. Have fun reading, replies welcomed and apreciated! Oh, and the POV's switch between Ingrid and Frank every chapter.

I think he only noticed me because of my hat.Collapse )

Current Mood: just went s h o p p i n g
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